Other Ministries

Join us in preparing meals for Grace and Mercy ministries, providing school supplies for children in the community, and collecting supplies for children one of the lowest-income areas of Appalachia through the Jubilee Project.




Family Ministries –  Chairperson

Family Ministries seeks to bring the church family together in ways that will foster growth and fellowship as well as encourage love and a building up of the body.  Programs include:

Church-wide Birthday Party

Graduate Recognition Dinner

Church-wide Picnic

Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Dinner

Church-wide Fall Festival

Hanging of the Greens Fellowship

Birthday Party for Jesus



Nurture Ministries –  Eva Oakes, Chairperson

The Nurture Ministries consist of many different areas in providing outreach in Christian love and opportunities to provide congregational care to church families.  The Nurture Ministries includes the following opportunities:

Bereavement Ministries meals/support

Collect and Delivery Cards/Gifts for Shut-in

Collect Magazines for hospital waiting rooms and
doctors offices

Hospitality Ministries

Prayer Ministries

Provide Prayer Quilt and Prayer Banners

Prayer Shepherd Ministries

Shut-in Ministries


Outreach Ministries – Yvonne Raper, Chairperson

Outreach Ministries seeks to encourage and challenge the church to reach out beyond its own self, into the community and the world around the church.   We are in a covenant relationship with a UMC World Missionary program as we are supporting the work of Herbert and Mary Zigbuo in Liberia.  We also support local mission initatives such as Coordinated Charities, the Good Faith Clinic, Women at the Well, Full Circle Womens Center, the Tri County Center, and Miracle Lake. In addition, the church maintains a Food Pantry. We also host the McMinn County American Cancer Society Chapter and have significant leadership in the annual ACS Relay for Life in McMinn County.


Witness Ministries – Michael Bryant, Chairperson

The Witness/Evangelism area is spiritually guided to share in the outreach and witness of the church and to the spiritual and personal needs of others.  Its purpose will be to encourage others to understand the unique roll that each person is given in the Body of Christ therefore, allowing God to deepen their faith and equip them to share their faith with others. One of our projects is to “mug” first-time visitors by giving them an Allen Memorial mug.